Vulcan manufactures ¼ ton to 10-ton electric hoists and trolleys. Vulcan also produces industrial winches, always built to order based on customer specifications. Our qualified local workforce also helps us offer exceptional follow-up service.

The company imports a number of manual products that have proven reliable for some 40 years. From our local inventory, customers can order half-ton to 20-ton manual hoists and trolleys as well as quarter-ton to 6-ton ratchet pullers – all available in a variety of product lines. We also stock a wide range of accessories and spare parts.

Your Vulcan products are inspected, maintained and repaired right at the plant with original parts, and every product we make is tested before being shipped to the customer. Vulcan also has a network of certified dealers to support its products.

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Rental services


Vulcan offers short and long-term rental services for both electric and manual products.

Maintenance and repair service

Maintenance and repair

We repair all the products we sell, and stock original parts to ensure prompt service and maintain product quality and integrity.

Tests & certification service

Tests and certification

Our qualified team offers inspection, testing and certification services for a number of products in accordance with industry standards.

Proud to be the only manufacturer of electric chain hoists, trolleys and winches in Canada

Vulcan Hoist - Proud canadian manufacturer

Proud member of STAFDA

Proudly member of STAFDA