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Our products

Manual products

Chariot manuel Vulcan / Vulcan Trolley

Vulcan push and gear trolleys.
Built for long lasting and
heavy duty use.

Palan manuel Vulcan / Vulcan Chain Block

Vulcan manual chain hoist for
heavy duty use.  Our toughest
and most durable chain block.

Levier à rochet Vulcan / Vulcan Ratchet Puller

Vulcan ratchet puller for
intensive use. Our highest
quality and longest lasting puller.

Chariot ajustable SÉRIE XT / XT SERIES adjustable trolley

Perfectly combines design, construction and ease of use

Chariot poussoir SÉRIE XT / XT SERIES push trolley

Reliability and safety under any circumstances to move a load when no electric supply is needed or available


Un appareil de levage technologiquement avancé, compact, léger et robuste.

Palan SÉRIE XT / XT SERIES chain block

Weatherproof thanks to the zinc-plated chain
and mechanical parts

Chariot manuel Nova / Nova Trolley

Nova push and gear trolleys, great money-value.

Palan manuel Nova / Nova Chain Block

Nova manual chain hoist,
built to last. Our most
popular chain block.

Levier à rochet Nova / Nova Ratchet Puller

Nova ratchet puller. Our most
popular puller, built to last.

Electrical products

Palan électrique / Electric Hoist

Vulcan electric chain hoist,
from 1/4T to 10T.

Chariot électrique Vulcan / Electric trolley

Vulcan electri trolley.
Sturdy and reliable.

Treuil Électrique Nouvelle Génération / New Generation Electrical Winch

Direct drive high capacity winch.

Treuil électrique Vulcan / Vulcan electric winch

Compact winch with worm gear.

Festoon cable system

Custom made for Vulcan hoists and trolleys



Crochet à oeuillet / EYE HOOK

Forged carbon steel, quenched & tempered

Crochet STD pour palan électrique

Std hook only

Trolley wheels / Roues de chariots

Universal type (I & H) trolley wheels

Proud to be the only manufacturer of electric chain hoists, trolleys and winches in CanadaMade in Canada