Explosion proof

Explosion proof
Explosion proof
  • Explosion proof ATEX version
  • Available in a dust and gasproof execution
  • For zones 22 (D) and 2 (G)
  • Protection class IP65
  • Option: motorised trolley in ATEX version

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Capacité de charge maximale (à 2 brins):
GP250 - 1000: 2500 kg, GCH1600 - 2500: 5000 kg
575V/3Ph 60 Hz, 460V/1Ph 60 Hz, 230V/3Ph 60 Hz
Control voltage 115 V low voltage
3-phase motor: 1 or 2 lifting speeds
Standard lifting height 3 m
Control cable length 1.8 m
Eyebolt suspension
Geared limit switch
Ergonomic control switch with emergency stop
Protection class IP65
Isolation class F (motor)
DC spring brake
Slipping clutch outside the drive train
Available in dust- and gasproof execution

Dust-proof version:
Equipment group II, Equipment category 3
Zone 22 (D)
Temperature = <130 °C
with temperature monitoring

Gas-proof version:
Equipment group II, Equipment category 3
Zone 2 (G), 22 (D)
Temperature class = T3
with temperature monitoring
operation interruption in the event of a pressure drop



This gasproof execution guarantees maximum safety:
The entry of gas is avoided through an overpressure in the housing. At a lost of pressure in the housing the power will be cut immediately.

& options

Other operating voltages on request
Other control voltages on request
Hook suspension
Safety load hook
Chain bucket for various lifting heights
Electric and push trolleys

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