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Super lifting clamps

The Super Lifting Clamps are made in Japan according to the JIS standards for handling equipment. The product design and standards make it exceptionally strong and robust. The high quality cam and pad surfaces are machined on both sides, providing a better grip for less slip and reduced wear.

They are offered in a variety of models designed to ensure performance in each work application.

Pince de serrage à came (SCC) / Screw cam clamp (SCC)

Available from 0.5T to 3T

Pince de serrage à came à manille universelle (SUC) / Srew cam clamp with universal shackle (SUC)

Available from 0.5T to 3.2T

Pince de levage latéral (HLC-H) / Lateral lifting clamp (HLC-H)

Available from 1T to 5T

Screw cam clamp – double eye (SDC-S)

Available from 0.5T to 6,3T

Pince de levage vertical (SVC-H) / Vertical lifting clamp (SVC-H)

Available from 0.5T to 5T

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