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Our products

Manual products

Chariot manuel Vulcan / Vulcan Trolley

Vulcan push and gear trolleys.
Built for long lasting and
heavy duty use.

Palan manuel Vulcan / Vulcan Chain Block

Vulcan manual chain hoist for
heavy duty use.  Our toughest
and most durable chain block.

Levier à rochet Vulcan / Vulcan Ratchet Puller

Vulcan ratchet puller for
intensive use. Our highest
quality and longest lasting puller.

Chariot poussoir SÉRIE XT / XT SERIES push trolley

Reliability and safety under any circumstances to move a load when no electric supply is needed or available

Palan SÉRIE XT / XT SERIES chain block

Weatherproof thanks to the zinc-plated chain
and mechanical parts


A technologically advanced lifting device, compact, lightweight and robust.

Chariot manuel Nova / Nova Trolley

Nova push and gear trolleys, great money-value.

Palan manuel Nova / Nova Chain Block

Nova manual chain hoist,
built to last. Our most
popular chain block.

Levier à rochet Nova / Nova Ratchet Puller

Nova ratchet puller. Our most
popular puller, built to last.

Chariot ajustable Nova / Adjustable Nova trolley

Perfectly combines design and ease to use

Electrical products

Palan électrique / Electric Hoist

Vulcan electric chain hoist,
from 1/4T to 10T.

Chariot électrique Vulcan / Electric trolley

Vulcan electri trolley.
Sturdy and reliable.

Palan électrique à chaîne GP de GIS / Electric chain hoist GP of GIS

GPM250, GP250 - 1000,
up to 2500 kg

Treuil Électrique Nouvelle Génération / New Generation Electrical Winch

Direct drive high capacity winch.

Treuil électrique Vulcan / Vulcan electric winch

Compact winch with worm gear.

Festoon cable system

Custom made for Vulcan hoists and trolleys



Proud to be the only manufacturer of electric chain hoists, trolleys and winches in CanadaMade in Canada