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Vulcan Hoist Co. Ltd. is a manufacturer of lifting equipment established in 1964. This Montreal-based company is the only Canadian manufacturer of electric hoists and trolleys. Vulcan offers sturdy, reliable and custom-made products to meet customer needs. It also carries a full range of manual chain hoists, ratchet pullers, beam and plate clamps and other lifting related products since 1973. With a complete parts inventory and qualified technical staff, Vulcan also offers rental, repair and certification services.


Vulcan – an Overview


Vulcan is best known for its ability to custom build products to meet the specific needs of each application. It has the expertise to address customers' lifting needs by providing solutions adapted to their particular situation. It is able to do this thanks to:

  • Its qualified personnel, who specializes in the design, manufacture and maintenance of hoists, trolleys and winches;
  • Its 60-year legacy of manufacturing and continually improving their lifting products in Canada;
  • Its Montreal plant with access to a full product inventory, with all spare parts available on-site.

Vulcan offers products that comply with ANSI B30.16 or B30.21 standards and are CSA certified. But above all, they have a  solid reputation for their robustness, durability and reliability.

Proud to be the only manufacturer of electric chain hoists, trolleys and winches in Canada

Vulcan Hoist - Proud canadian manufacturer

Proud member of STAFDA

Proudly member of STAFDA